EP&S’s aim is to come up with simple and innovative solutions to complex problems. Today the company is a leader in the integrated engineering sector and excels for the quality of its services and constant research, designed to maximize the performance of pieces of architecture.

Multiple Discipline

EP&S’s strong point is the multidisciplinary skillsof its professionals, who are qualified to manage the developmentof high-performance structures with great excellence. The Group’s integrated approach makes it possible to coordinate complex projects and supervise every phase in the construction process.

BIM Planning

EP&S develops Building Information Modelling (BIM) projects, ensuring optimised management of complex interventions. Through facilitated data sharing, this methodology ensures substantialstreamlining of productive flows with a sizeable cutting of costs, time and margins of error at the execution phase.

Focus on sustainability

We at EP&S are committed every day to the development of high-performance buildings and structures , while being environmentally, socially and economicaly sustainable: this are the guidelines of all our activities and projects.


Thanks to its provenskillsand soundexperience in the field of integrated engineering, EP&S is able to oversee any type of tender organically using an interdisciplinary approach. The Group has the capacity to manage complex, prestigious projects globally and, at the same time, supply individual specialist services by responding to clients’ needs effectively, from the simpler to the more complex one.

Attention to detail

We in EP&S know how important is to optimise project management, costs and timing, ensuring the best final result. Therefore we are committed to the constant technical and administrative monitoring of the entire project process, from conception to realisation.

Project Management

The relationship with clients is a key ingredient for a successful project. Therefore EP&S provides the committens a manager focused and always taking costs, timing and quality into account; a single interlocutor with proven expertise with the possibility of interfacing directly and build a lasting relationship.