It was in 2013 that SI.ME.TE., Prodim and EL s.r.l. Engineering Service, three major and successful companies gave life to the EP&S Group. With 150 years of experience under their belts in the public and private sector, they now work together to solve the new challenges of modern construction.
Years since
the birth of
the Group


SI.ME.TE’s history has been consolidated in the course of time. It began in 1881 with the establishment of Studio Tecnico di Ingegneria e Architettura “Gambetta”, subsequently O.Siniscalco, which in 1986 became SI.ME.TE, one of Italy’s primaryEngineering Companies. Today the company is a member of the EP&S Group and, thanks to its proven experience and know-how in the field, oversees the development of complex projects.


Prodim has been active for more than 40 years in the field ofcivil and industrial plant engineering and industrial sustainability. Thanks to its experience and sound knowledge of plant and cladding integration, Prodim boasts a curriculum in the hospital field that makes it one of the leaders in the sector in Italy. It has been a member of the EP&S Group since 2013.

EL s.r.l. Engineering Service

EL s.r.l. Engineering Service brings to EP&S its impressive experience in the offer of global consultancy services and in the technological, electrical and special plant sector. Since 1983, the company has offered highly professional planning and control services, even in sectors as delicate as electromedicine and electromagnetism.

‘By your side. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.’

Thanks to the professional background of all its members, EP&S offers sound experience in the field of integrated engineering. The generational continuity that distinguishes the group is an undisputed added value that ensures the transmissionand preservation of timeless know-how and professional expertise.