From people excellence to designing excellence

Contemporary architecture and construction have to face crucial challenges, more and more thorny. How can they be overcome? Through developed interdisciplinary skills, which bring to competence and operative efficiency.

In order to achieve on time the goals expected from the investments of our clients, it is necessary to connect different actors. Indeed, architecture, structural and infrastructural engineering, and installation design are fields requiring professional and cultural awareness.

Through the centralization of several competences in a single firm, human and technical resources could be efficiently managed. This kind of management takes part in a development process of intersociety synergy, that has two aims: to simplify the design path, and to allow the access and use of the most innovative design techniques

According to us, people who are going to live or to use the designed site deserve a great quality of life. Indeed, in the evaluation of the quality of a certain design, their quality of life is a key factor.

In order to fulfill this essential requirement, EP&S offers a qualified organization, which is not a random mix of experts. Our team is able to work as a team, e.g. to face all the challenges of the designing stage, even if they are particularly complicated. On occasion, we choose to integrate highly qualified external experts within our team to bring in specific technical expertise.

Passionate excellence

World is swiftly changing through the technological and cultural evolution. What does it mean to be a professional in our fields, in such a changing world? According to us, it means to be an actor of this change through a personal engagement in the academic and cultural field.

We believe our engagement is the most valuable contribution to the expertise of the firm that make EP&S rank among the top construction management service providers in project excellence and ability to respond to the clients’ needs.

Being efficient and effective is one of our key points. We can do it through the internalization of all the competences and skills necessary for the purpose of processing a order. And it drives us to translate our organization, planning and responsibility into timeliness and accuracy of the deliveries, in addition to our skill of avoiding diseconomies of scale. This is what differentiate us from a temporary team of experts, which is normally characterized by inconsistencies and delays.

Designing excellence for developed clients

In EP&S, we are persuaded that offering different skills and companies in a single firm- through an integrated approach- gives clients the opportunity to meet the new challenges in a new way. How? In a way that involves accurate goals, as concerns the qualitative and economical aspects, and the achievement of considerable outcomes through relevant certification programs.

In addition to the standard techniques and technologies, EP&S has strongly implemented BIM (Building Information Modeling) in its design standards: it has been created an organized structure useful to manage multidisciplinary projects, involving architecture, structures and installations, and a net of project unities specialized in different competences.

EP&S- with its winning professional history- is at your disposal for great works.

The results achieved over the years show that EP&S is following the right path, witnessing the leading position of our firm in the integrated engineering firms landscape.