One of the EP&S’ most important strong points is the variety and the diversification of the competences of its experts.
The unmatched combination of complementary subjects - such as architecture, structures, and installations - in a single firm, guarantees you the achievement of great results. Indeed, the firm has the chance to coordinate easily complex projects, from the beginning to the end. Our expertise allows EP&S to supply the whole designing and construction management cycle, including all the specialized services needed to realize a building.

Construction project management

Construction Project Management is the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from beginning...

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Civil engineering works

Civil works involve all the engineering and architectural skills needed for the design, construction, and...

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Mechanical installations

Mechanical installations include HVAC, fire protection, and water supply and sanitary installations, in addition to...

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Electrical installations

Electrical installations include lighting installations, electric power distribution systems, control and regulator systems- necessary to...

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Specialized services

They include all the specialized services needed to develop a project and its realization in...

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